Compassionate Family Dentistry in Salina

family dentistry in Salina, KSAt Discover Dental Center, we understand how much you care about your family's oral health. Dr. Earl M. O'Hara, Dr. Brent Mayginnes, and our team constantly strive to create a warm, family-friendly environment that is well-equipped to handle both routine and complex dental challenges. From kids aged four to your senior family members, we have the experience you can trust to provide care to any age.

Your time is valuable to us, and our team works to make scheduling your entire family easy, happily making appointments for multiple family members if needed. The health and beauty of your family's smiles are always our chief priorities when you're with us. If you're looking for a family dentist in Salina, KS, we're the friendly team you can count on to have the expertise you need. Schedule your appointment with us today!


Dental Services Customized for the Entire Family

Our Salina family dentist offers a wide variety of services and prioritizes our team's continual education, so you're receiving care that is as advanced and minimally invasive as possible. We tailor all our treatments and procedures to fit the individual needs of your family members and give you the healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile you've always dreamed of. Some of our services include:

Why Should I Choose a Family Dentist in Salina?

As you grow, your teeth, gums, and jaws continue to change. Our Salina family dentists use their extensive knowledge of modern dentistry to customize treatments to fit the uniqueness of your smile. We also monitor for medical and dental problems that are common between family members. This enables us to proactively recommend treatment to younger family members that help prevent severe issues from occurring. Our goal is to catch problems early so you and your family can enjoy your natural smiles for as long as possible.

Expert and Friendly Care for Kids

little boy visiting Salina, KS family dentistFrom their very first visit, our Salina children's dentist works with your little ones to make their time with us as relaxing, interactive, and comfortable as possible. We focus on helping you develop a good oral hygiene routine at home and maintaining regular dental visits. Laying a strong foundation of oral health for your children is essential for building smiles that last a lifetime.

Many dental anxieties and fears are developed during early childhood, and we work to help your children feel safe with us at all times. Dr. O'Hara and Dr. Mayginnes encourage your kids to ask questions and use age-appropriate language to help put them at ease. We want them to look forward to visiting our dental office as much as possible.

With their regular dental visits, we also chart their growth and address orthodontic needs immediately. By offering both Phase I and Phase II orthodontic treatments, our team aids in keeping your child's smile healthy and straight throughout their developing years. Additionally, we perform pulpotomies and fillings in our office.

Excellent Dental Care for Teens

As your teen's jaws enter their final stages of development, it's crucial to maintain their dental health to prevent long-term dental issues from occurring. Our Salina family dentists closely monitor teeth placement and jaw alignment to provide proactive care. We offer orthodontics, including traditional braces and ClearCorrect, as well as wisdom tooth extraction for erupted teeth. Should your teen require advanced procedures, we will recommend a trusted local specialist to offer the best care possible. We also prescribe sports guards to protect your active teen's smile.

Modern Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

Our team knows the dental issues adults and seniors face can have many causes, such as aging, systemic diseases, genetics, and medications. We offer various options to maintain or restore the beauty and health of your smile. Our team is also highly knowledgeable about how medications and disease affect your teeth and is committed to offering education to help you combat tooth decay. Some of the treatments we offer for adults and seniors include:

Dental Implants – If you are missing one or more teeth, our Salina family dentists can restore your smile with dental implants. A titanium implant post will be surgically placed into your jaw, and then we'll affix a natural-looking prosthetic tooth atop to complete your smile. Along with single crowns, our team also provides implant-supported bridges and dentures. We use cutting-edge 3D imaging to precisely place your implants and help minimize healing times. Our team will also perform a bone graft if required.

Extractions – We do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth. However, sometimes the only way to restore your oral health is to remove a severely decayed or damaged tooth. Our highly trained dentist performs precision extractions with a gentle touch to maintain your overall dental well-being.

Full and Partial Dentures – If you're looking for a more traditional approach to replacing missing teeth, we provide quality and reliable dentures to renew your smile. Our team knows being without your teeth can negatively affect your daily life, and we overnight your images to our trusted lab to have your new prosthetics made as quickly as possible. We can also repair and reline your existing dentures.

Root Canal Therapy – When a tooth has an infection, one of the best ways to eliminate the pain and restore health is to perform root canal therapy. Using a special dental tool, our dentists will extract the infected tooth pulp and then place a dental crown to return the function and strength of your tooth.

Sleep Treatments –A good night's rest is vital to your well-being and overall health. We assess your dental health, including monitoring for bruxism, TMJ issues, and sleep apnea, then develop a plan that allows you to sleep better and safer. From mouthguards to sleep apnea appliances, our team has the solutions you can trust.

Gum Disease Treatments – Your gum health can increase your risk level for developing certain systemic diseases. Our Salina family dentists closely monitor your gum health and only recommend treatments that promote long-term benefits. With root preps and periodontal maintenance, our team helps keep your gums healthy by treating or managing existing gum disease.

Dental Emergencies – A dental emergency can happen to anyone, no matter how much you care for your smile. We do our best to get you an appointment as soon as possible, usually on the same day as your incident. Should you experience an emergency after hours, you can call and talk to one of our dentists, who will assess your situation and provide detailed instructions on how to care for your issue until they see you. Some after-hours appointments are available for particularly severe instances.

Your Trusted Salina Family Dentistry Office

At the Discover Dental Center, we provide reliable and compassionate care to each family member. Dr. O'Hara and Dr. Mayginnes use their extensive experience and knowledge to help you and your family achieve and maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime. If you're in need of a family dentist in Salina, schedule your appointment with one of our friendly staff today!



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